Our research employs electron spins in atomic/ molecular systems as sensors of ultra low magnetic fields in the picoTesla to nanoTesla regime. The target is to develop and implement all optical techniques for studying magnetic and polarisation properties of materials and systems.

The sensors in focus are based on alkali vapors and color centers in diamond.

Research Topics

Atomic Magnetometry

Alkali magnetometers have the intrinsic sensitivity to measure femtaTesla fields. The current capability of our lab is in the range of nanoTesla-picoTesla regime. We follow well established techniques, while also exploring new schemes to achieve high sensitivity in novel more versatile set-ups. The techniques under study broadly fall in two categories: polarimetry and quantum coherence based methods. (Read more….)

Colour Centres in Diamond

Nitrogen-vacancy, NV, centres in diamonds are excellent candidates for quantum sensing. They are isolated spin systems that are sensitive probes that can be read out optically. The spins can be manipulated using em field in the optical, microwave and rf regimes. We plan to build a NV- sensor based nuclear magnatisation sensors, study and improve its coherence properties and device methods to transfer the spin polarisation from the NV center to external spin for nuclear hyperpolarisation. (Read more ….)

If you are interested to join my lab, please send a one-page cover letter along with your CV to raji at tifrh dot res dot in.